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How to Identify $100,000 Risks Hiding in Your Dental Office Lease


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  • How to identify the top four hidden traps in your dental of ce lease and convert them into tools that will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • How rent is calculated and if you are overpaying in rent.
  • Lease negotiation tactics and how to use them to help lower costs.
  • How to structure your lease to minimize landlord interference when planning to sell your practice or renew your lease.
  • When to start the lease renewal process in order to get the best deal possible.



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Act Now, Reap Later: Preparing for a Dental Office Lease Renewal

By Mr. Sina Amiri, Senior Lease Consultant with Cirrus Consulting Group Smart dental office lease negotiations require long-term strategic planning, and a proactive approach. Like a poker player who analyzes their hand and anticipates the dealer’s cards, dentists who prepare for lease renewals and begin negotiations ahead of time are more likely to come out […]

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