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Building a Strong Hygiene Department – Protocols and Philosophies

Embrace the Power of Prevention


Andrea S. Wiseman, RDH is a National Preventive Specialist for 3M ESPE, and brings over 30 years of experience in dentistry to her presentations. Embrace the Power of Prevention is a dynamic presentation that will provide attendees with a thorough review of caries risk assessment (CAMBRA), and how it can be implemented into a practice. Dialog to assist the dental health professional in patient communications and insurance codes when treating moderate to high risk caries patients will be presented. Fluoride medications and dispensing protocols will be discussed. Attendees will also review fluoride varnishes, and practice techniques for correct application (if samples are available). This presentation will interact with the audience and keep you on the edge of excitement wanting to hear more!


-Discover the benefits of a Caries Risk Assessment program (CAMBRA)
-How to implement a caries risk assessment program into your practice
-Review Periodontal Risk Assessment and Protocols
-Understand fluoride medications and how to use them consistently
-Learn treatment options, protocols, dialog, insurance codes for sensitivity, caries, gingivitis and periodontal disease
-Learn how to motivate, educate, and medicate your patients differently
Andrea is a member of the American Dental Hygiene Association, Texas Dental Hygiene Association, and past president of the San Antonio District Dental Hygiene Association and Gulf Coast Dental Hygiene Society of Ft. Myers, FL. She is a mentor to all oral healthcare providers and an advocate against oral diseases.
Her presentations have included venues at Yankee Dental Association Meeting (2013), Seattle Study Clubs, Dental Hygiene Association State Meetings, Dental Association State Meetings, and large group dental practices, providing C.E. credits on the Power of Prevention. She has been an instructor at Austin Community College Dental Assisting Program, as well helped educate students at dental assisting schools, dental hygiene colleges, and dental colleges across the country on the current standards of care and technologies in dentistry.
CE Credits: 2

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