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Marketing and Advertising

Advertising is everything you do to draw nonpatients into your practice, and marketing is everything you do to manage the patient experience once the consumer has made contact.

  • Budgeting – Do you have a budget established for advertising? For Marketing? You should make a commitment in the beginning of the year to earmark a percentage of your production to these efforts.
  • Tracking System – It’s critical to have a system to track your marketing efforts. If you do not know where your new patients are coming from, there is no way to know how effective your campaigns are.
  • Practice Personality and Vision – It is important to have a clear understanding of your practice’s personality. If you gave each of your patients a survey asking them to describe your practice, do you know how they would answer? If you do, it makes it much easier to design and implement effective advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Social Media – Do you have a currently updated, responsive website that looks good on all tablets or computers? It is important to not only HAVE a social media presence, but to actively participate.