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Hygiene Department

A strong hygiene department with well developed systems and processes can drive practice growth quickly and with less effort than most other strategies.  What are the qualities that characterize “strong hygiene departments”?  Here are some benchmarks:

  • 3:1 Clinical to Hygiene Ratio – The clinical to hygiene ratio is the quantifiable relationship between the production numbers of the hygiene department and the Doctor.
  • Production is 3x Hygienist Compensation – Each hygienist should be producing at minimum three times his/her compensation.
  • A commitment to the treatment of periodontal disease – It’s a pretty good bet that between 70% and 80% of your patient population is impacted by some level of periodontal disease.  If only 15% of your current patients are scheduled for SRP or are currently in a perio maintenance program, you are probably missing opportunities for treatment.

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The Hygiene Gaps