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Product Spotlight – Osstell IDx


The Osstell IDx is a really interesting product, and is a must-have for any doctor placing implants. It’s unique, solves a real problem, and helps a doctor both clinically and financially.

What it does:
The Osstell quantitatively measures implant stability and osseointegration. A “Smartpeg” is screwed into the implant at the time of implant placement, the resonance (vibration) is measured and recorded, and the Smartpeg is removed. Weeks later, the Smartpeg can be replaced and readings taken again. As osseointegration occurs (and implant stability improves) the recordable resonance changes in predictable ways and can be observed non-invasively.

Smartpeg resonance

A resonating Smartpeg.

What it means clinically:
You now have a tool to track osseointegration, and a way to determine which cases can accept loads and which cases require additional time. You remove the guesswork and improve results. You’re never again going to need to worry about the implant’s ability to support a load.

What it means financially:
Not only does this help to identify cases that are problematic, but you speed up all of the cases that don’t require additional time. You can cut weeks off of each implant case, which improves cash flow and increases patient satisfaction.

How to learn more:
Call me at 702.530.8052, or send me an email to schedule a demonstration of this amazing product. A word of warning though…if you are placing implants, you are going to love it.

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