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Archive | February, 2016

Act Now, Reap Later: Preparing for a Dental Office Lease Renewal

By Mr. Sina Amiri, Senior Lease Consultant with Cirrus Consulting Group Smart dental office lease negotiations require long-term strategic planning, and a proactive approach. Like a poker player who analyzes their hand and anticipates the dealer’s cards, dentists who prepare for lease renewals and begin negotiations ahead of time are more likely to come out […]

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Clint’s Equipment Maintenance Schedule

There are lots of things you and your team can do to keep your equipment working well.  I have included a list of just some of those things, and a link to a printable pdf document containing the same information.  Feel free to print this out to use a guide in your own office.  There may […]

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I’m smart enough to know there are subjects on which I cannot speak with great authority, and equipment maintenance is definitely one of those subjects.  Luckily, I don’t have to be an expert in that area – we have some pretty sharp guys that handle that for us here at Henry Schein in Las Vegas, […]

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Understanding the Hygiene Gaps

There are two common deficiencies or “gaps” in a dental hygiene program: 1.  Utilization Gap – the number of hygiene appointments available for the year compared to the number of appointments actually completed. 2.  Capacity Gap – the number of hygiene appointments available for the year compared to the number of appointments that would be […]

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Have You Filed Your Medicare Paperwork?

By Jen McGuire, marketing manager, Henry Schein Dental New Medicare regulations require any dentist who provides covered services, or refers patients for covered services, to enroll either as a participating or non-participating provider. Failure to comply with these enrollment requirements will result in rejection of patients’ claims. This includes claims for Medicare covered treatments (such […]

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CAD/CAM in a nutshell

If you don’t see the writing on the wall when it comes to digital impressions and CAD/CAM technology, we need to chat.  If you aren’t already taking impressions digitally, you are losing money with each impression you take, and probably losing patients to the high tech office down the street. For only about $16,000, you […]

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